Margo Tobgui

Margo was born in Cairo, Egypt to parents of Greek and Lebanese heritage. She grew up in a loving home where many languages were spoken including Arabic, French and English. Margo always had a love for languages. She was taught proper linguistic skills at an early age at Notre Dame Des Apotres School in Cairo, Egypt. She continued to pursue her education by obtaining her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, majoring in Translation. In the meantime she also worked in the Tanzanian Embassy as a personal secretary for the ambassador, where she was tasked with the responsibilities of interpretation and translation for the embassy. She was also responsible for the coordination between diplomats, official visitors and the department of foreign affairs. She then moved on to work with the United Nations Development Program where she became certified as an Arabic and French interpreter and further utilized her multilingual skills to help accomplish the mission of the United Nations. Later on Margo had a great opportunity to travel all over Africa where she worked with the Medical Institute in Kinshasa, Zaire. During this vast travel and cultural experience throughout her lifetime Margo has had to utilize political, medical and legal terminology in her jobs and brings those skills to the table in her company and in training her interpreters. Furthermore, she does not look at interpretation and translation as a job but as a bridging of cultures and people for a greater good.

Margo has developed a reputation for her dedication and hard work. Due to her proficiency and professionalism she has received many awards and was nominated for the prestigious Synergy Award by the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit, Tampa, Florida. Margo is grateful for these recognitions; however, she views these accolades as secondary to utilizing her skills to help others and impacting those around her in a positive manner. She is deeply involved in her community and regularly provides pro bono work for those in need. Margo loves her job and is thankful for the journey that brought her here and equally excited about where the future will lead.