MTIC recognizes how sensitive and vital accurate interpretation is. To ensure accurate communication and to avoid language and cultural barriers we provide certified or highly qualified interpreters. Our interpreters understand the client’s dialect, background and culture. Our interpreters are experts in simultaneous and consecutive interpretation. They cover legal proceedings (depositions, hearings, trials, mediations etc.), the medical field (workers’ compensation, doctors’ appointments, settlements, etc.), business deals, as well as many other areas. All interpretations are performed with the utmost of professionalism, timeliness and confidentiality.




MTIC prides itself on providing timely, proficient and confidential translation. We understand in a world where information never stops, neither can translation. We are always flexible in order to meet your time schedule and deadlines. Our trained and experienced professionals are precise in their translation in order to assure the utmost of accuracy. Whether your documents are going to the next office or around the world you can count on MTIC to provide the highest quality translation 24/7 year round.




Transcription has such a crucial role in today’s global business environment. It is the transfer of oral language to written form.
At MTIC we understand the necessity of precise and accurate transcription and we work hard to provide this for our clients.
Our professional transcriptionists will take your multilingual recordings on CDs, DVDs, video, electronic files or any other forms
and convert them into a written format.